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In CCU, humanity has setup a secret organization,
that shares knowledge and weapons/equipment
between countries (USA, every country in the EU,
Russia, China and Japan) and is ready to protect us
from "the end of the world".
That is happening right now, as aliens are attacking
the Earth, trying to gain more ground in the universe.

Jam Post Mortem
I was sick for most of the jam, so I had to cut a lot of
content, but maybe there's potential in this idea.
I might continue it later.
Think of this as the first level of a game that throws
you into the middle and things go wrong. You don't
even have cover to use for your advantage!
And after this weird first taste mission the real
game would begin. (If I continue it.)

Use VoiceMacro or the keyboard,
the bottom left corner has the available
commands, press the underlined key.
When moving, press the number of the
place you want to move to.
When shooting, press the number of the
enemy you want to shoot.
(next to their health) 

Voice Commands
CCU is supposed to be played with VoiceMacro:
A tool that turns voice commands into key presses.
(With some other functions too)
In order to use it, you need to:
1. download VoiceMacro
2. enter "set up microphone" into the windows search bar
3. click the setup and follow the instructions
4. paste the contents of the VoiceMacro Profile text file
into the VoiceMacro profiles file's end,
found in C:\Users\"USERNAME"\AppData\Roaming\VoiceMacro
paste it before the last line in "VoiceMacroData.xml"


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